NIV Zondervan Study Bible

There are many good bible translations, but only one holds a special place in my heart: the NIV. It was the translation I was raised on; the one I memorized scripture from; the one I read that lead me to faith and grew my faith; it was the one I used when I first began to teach and preach. While both the ESV and HCSB are worthy second-place options, I still believe that the NIV best strikes the balance between ease of reading and faithful translation.

For these reasons I am happy to commend the brand new NIV Study Bible. Dr. D.A. Carson brought together some of the world's brightest minds to create this new resource. Compared to other worthy study bibles, the footnotes on each page are more extensive and the articles included throughout are more detailed. Also, the vibrant color images included throughout are a stunning addition. All of this combined with the faithfulness and readability makes the NIV Zondervan Study Bible one of the top study bibles available.

The only weakness is the cumbersome app. Partnering with Olive Tree Zondervan has made the study bible and its resources available with the purchase of a hard copy. However, I have yet to actually use it. Although I have downloaded all the resources many times I have yet to gain access to them on either my phone or tablet. For a publisher as large an excellent as Zondervan, this strikes me as odd and unexpected. My hope is that they will fix this and release a stand alone, fully functional app that matches the values and excellence of their new study bible.