Interpreting the General Letters

While in seminary I took an exegesis course through the book of Hebrews. I had a great guide in both my course books and professor (Tom Schreiner). But, most weeks I found myself wondering, "What in the world is happening here?!" I passed the class. Barely. Hebrews is a difficult book in both language and concepts. But, Hebrews isn't alone. From Hebrews to Revelation and every book in between, the General Epistles combine some of the most difficult Greek in the New Testament along with the most challenging thematic issues. On top of that, pastors rarely have the luxury of time to do the painstaking work of detailed exegesis. 

Bateman has provided an excellent, accessible guide to these difficult letters. Combining years of classroom experience with his own strength of scholarship, he guides us through the general epistles with skill. Rather than deal with each book in turn, Bateman provides principles and best practices for the various genres and features found in these books. He also offers case studies in particular passages to demonstrate how he puts it all to practice. 

This is a wonderful resource for all who labor in preaching and teaching. Bateman's work will prove valuable to those who seek bring these often neglected books to light.