Help Me Plan and Pray for 2015!

The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his step
— Proverbs 16:9

Both planning and prayer are essential for ministry, and especially church planting. That's why I'm asking any of my friends and family, those who feel led to help me plan and pray for 2015, to purchase this NeuYear calendar for me. 

This small gift would be a tremendous blessing. I need to see the whole picture (in anything) before I can deal with the smaller pieces. This calendar allows me to see the entire year on one page! It may seem nearly insignificant, but this small gift would help me to pray over the entire beginning year of church planting. You would be equipping me with the very tool that would help create a culture of prayer and planning into our church from day 0! That is no small gift at all. In future years it would also serve as a reminder of all that God will do for us. So, you would also be investing in a tool that would encourage me in the years to come. 

If you're feeling particularly generous, I would also love to have this frame to set it in. It is the same as you see in the product listing on Neu Year's website. The frame would help it last through 2015 and give it a more refined look and feel. The productivity gurus say that the best tools are the ones we love to use. And this calendar is one I would love to use!

So, pray about it. Really. Ask the Lord if he wants to use you to help me plan and pray for 2015. It's okay if he says "no". Maybe he wants to use you in another way or to provide at another time. All I ask is that you stay open and willing.